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If you're looking for a basic, low-cost website or
misc. graphic/logo design, welcome to WeBasics+!

Below, you will find a step by step process for your WeBasics+ graphic/logo design and/or your WeBasics+ website. At any time, you may submit questions you may have on our contact form.

  • Graphics/Logos:
    1. Basic graphic/logo work will be a collaborative effort between you and us.
    2. Determine the color(s), texture(s), font, and name.  If you already have a rough sketch/idea of what you're looking for, let us know. 
    3. *(If you wish, you can allow us to take artistic liberties to develop you graphic/logo.)  Check out the Plus tab for examples of our work.
    4. Once you have all of that, determine what size and the application of your graphics or logo.
    5. Submit your information on the contact form.
*NOTE: WeBasics+ does not provide printing, so if you have a print shop to do your work, please let them know that we provide graphics in the following formats: .cdr, .jpg, .png.

  • Websites:
    1. First you need a theme, color(s), and logo for your site(see Step 2. above). Your theme, color(s), font, & logo will be used in the development of your site header, favicon graphic, and continuity of your site, overall. For more info, visit the Customize tab.
    2. Next you need to provide us with the content that you want on your website and it's sub-pages.  Examples of sub-pages are an 'About Us' page or a 'Contact Us' sub-page.  For more info, see the Layout tab.
    3. In addition to sub-pages, other content like embedded videos, pictures, link lists and an interactive contact form are also options for your website. For more info on this content, visit the Content tab.
    4. If you already have connected your business/company to a social network account, we can help you connect that to your new website, or any one of these steps for social networking/marketing.  For more info on this, visit the Social tab.
    5. Please understand that we will be in regular contact with you as we develop your website, so that we are getting it right, according to you. As with the graphic design and logo work above, developing your website will be a collaborative effort, because we want you to be happy with your website and your WeBasics+ experience.
*NOTE: At any point in this process, you may elect to allow us to take artistic liberties/suggestions through collaboration with you. Your satisfaction is our goal.

Thanks for sharing. WeBasics+ relies solely on word-of-mouth referrals.